Kyle Hodgetts & Rachel Hodgetts-Scammers

Hi All

Just to let you know what these two scammers look like. ┬áHere they are below enjoying dinner on everyone else’s money that they have scammed.


Look out for them and don’t pass any money over to them. ┬áTheir day is coming!

2 thoughts on “Kyle Hodgetts & Rachel Hodgetts-Scammers

  1. I also have identified about three scammers that were directly linked to me through their deceptive ways. They are people who look like sheep who works in the institutions they are employed but they are like wolves that feasts on others hard earned money.

    1. Hi Jimmy
      Unfortunately there does seem to be increase in the amount of scammers out there who do feast on others. We need to expose these people for what they are. If you can provide more information on your scammers so other people will not be taken in by them, then that would be good!
      All the best for your future, Diane

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