Kyle and Rachel Hodgetts

Kyle and Rachel Hodgetts – your career of scamming people are nearly over!

I am getting more and more feedback from persons and businesses that have been scammed by Kyle Hodgetts and Rachel Hodgetts, and their Company MYSOL Pty Ltd.

Some victims have indicated that they have been scammed by the Company Mysol Pty Ltd, from buying a Distribution area for a Solar product in their State, and then when it comes to providing the Product, there is no delivery.  They have spent thousands setting up the business and purchasing the Distribution area, but then Kyle Hodgetts and his Company, do not supply any product.

When the victim has tried to get a refund of their Distribution purchase price, Kyle Hodgetts, does not refund the monies paid, and he says, they have breached the contract in some way, and to take him to court.  When the victim starts court proceedings, there is constant delays from Kyle Hodgetts in the court proceedings with sad stories to the court on his circumstances, and he keeps getting a delay in court proceedings where he hopes the victim making a claim will run out of money to take the matter further!

Some Victims have claimed that the product had a fraudulent safety certificate, so the product was unsellable from the beginning anyway, and this matter has been referred to the Attorney General presently!.  Brochures were also supposed to be supplied to all purchasers of the Distribution areas throughout Australia from Mr Hodgetts, and this was also not supplied, and some victims had to design and print their own brochures for the sale of the product, which cost them further expenses!

Mr Hodgetts, likes to do scams using this method, as he believes that because he is selling a business to the unexpected victim, and because, there is a sales contract for the purchase of the business/Distribution areas, then if the victim wants to recover the purchase price of this fraudulent business, they have to go through Civil court to do it, as it is classified as a Civil matter, not a police matter!

Laws need to be changed in this area of legislation, as it is still an act of fraud, and it should be a police matter!

Other scam victims, of Mr Hodgetts have claimed that they have been scammed by purchasing the rights to software development for games, and when they enquire on the development of this software after they have paid for the rights, Mr Hodgetts, has an excuse of delays in the development, which then goes on, and then the victim of this scam, finds they can no longer get in contact with Mr Hodgetts!    Their option to recover their outlay of monies paid, is to also go through Civil Court, which can take years, and meanwhile, Mr Hodgetts, has had plenty of time to move the money off-shore, and/or move to another location, within Australia or overseas.

Mr Hodgetts has also scammed people, under other alias’s such as Kyle Todd, Kyle Hodgkins, Kyle Andrew, Kyle Andrews, and various other names.  Retrofit Solar was another Company, that some victims have been scammed by, which was owned by Kyle Hodgetts!

If you come across this man, please give him a wide birth, and if you have been a victim, please advise the police and this website so we can warn future potential victims.  Below is a picture of him, to make identification easier!

Kyle Hodgetts, will be brought to justice very soon, and this will at least be one more scammer shut down!

Photos of Kyle Hodgetts:-

Kyle 1 Kyle 2

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