Below is a list of current scams doing the rounds, just click on the PDF attached to each Scam listed to read more detail, and please contact me if you have been affected by this scam:-

Kyle Hodgetts/Mysol Pty Ltd/ Kyle the Conman

This guy Kyle Hodgetts, Kyle Todd, Kyle Hodgkins and the list goes on, is a major Scammer operating for more than 20 years now!  He also operates under Companies such as Mysol Pty Ltd and Retrofit Solar.

He has falsely advertised business areas for a product that he never supplies and has made hundreds of thousands ripping off hard working Australians as well as some from overseas.  Firstly he advertised through a business broker in Queensland and ripped off about 22 business people of about average $60,000 a pop.  He now advertises on Gumtree and recently took someone for another $40,000.

Kyle has also been on ‘A Current Affair’ for stealing people’s identity and renting property under false names, not paying rent and then trashing the property!

His partner in crime is Rachel Hodgetts or Rachel Andrews or a load of another names as well!

Do not trust this man, as he is destroying lives day by day!  If you have been scammed by Kyle, please send us a note and we will try to assist you.  You also need to report to the police, as he is under investigation and several court appearances pending from other victims!

Let us stop this man and put in a place where he deserves to be…. Prison!