About Me

Hi, my name is Diane, and unfortunately I have been a victim of scams both in Australia and overseas.  I have travelled through the embarrassment, the anger, and a lot of emotional trauma from these scams, as well as, of course, scammed out of my hard earned cash.

I am going to publish details of current scams and ongoing scams affecting hard working Australians.  I will cover phone scams, business scams and online scams to help people identify scams and how to avoid them and where to get help if they have been a victim of a scam.

Please remember you are not alone.  There is help available and it is my mission in this life to expose these scams and assist hard working people like yourself, how to come out the other side and avoid scams in the future.  You can also contact me at any time with any questions about scams or if you wish to advise me of any new scams that you have come across.

Lets rid Australia of these Scammers one by one!